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There had been a lot of stomping about involved in me even GETTING to the "Super VI" conference in Moers, but as the first day didn't start until 1pm I decided to do a bit more, by stomping into town .

I had looked up some VEGAN places because, having been to Germany before, I was aware that it's all a bit MEAT-BASED. I found a very nice but PERPLEXING shop that seemed to require you to bring a bunch of empty jam jars in order to buy anything, then went to somewhere called VEGANLAND which turned out to be a (delicious) Falafel shop. In the end I wandered into a supermarket and found a SPECIAL section which was full of clearly marked snacks and bought a LOAD of dried fruits and chocolate.

On the way back I saw a squirrel running across a car park. "Oh it's a squirrel" I thought, correctly, but then my BRANE swung into action. "That's a very fluffy squirrel," it said, "with very fluffy ears. Also, it's RED." It was an ACTUAL RED SQUIRREL! I've never seen one of those before!

After all that excitement I wondered if the actual conference would be able to compete, but compete it did. Usually when I go to conferences I go through the schedule and FILLET it, looking for GAPS where there's nothing particularly relevant to my interests, so that I can spent that time either going for a walk and/or loafing around in the hotel room, but as this conference was about SUPERHEROES it was all HIGHLY relevant and HIGHLY interesting. It was also WEIRD because in the breaks I got involved in conversations about superheroes and other Related Topics and kept thinking "Oh no I have started banging on about which Star Trek series is the best, surely they must all be bored out of their minds" before realising a) it wasn't me who had brought it up b) everyuone else was ALSO banging on about it and c) some of them were WRONG, but WRONG from a fully argued and in-depth (but still wrong) viewpoint. It was AMAZING!

I did my talk just after lunch on the second day, which was ACE as I was neither on right at the start (and so got to see how it all worked) NOR right at the end like I usually seem to be (and so got to SWAN AROUND a bit afterwards). It was also GRATE because I didn't have to do the bit I always have to do elsewhere where I explain who Doctor Doom is BECAUSE THEY KNEW!

It was a lovely, if rather EXHAUSTING time - being around very friendly people who actually WANT to talk about this sort of thing turns out to be knackering, especially when it keeps happening until the early hours with BEER. The only downside is that it's going to make normal conferences in future feel a bit boring!

posted 13/9/2022 by MJ Hibbett

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