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Blog: Dropping Agile

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Today I have joined THE FUTURE, unleashing an EXCLUSIVE new TRACK which has officially DROPPED on an INFLUENCER SITE!

Or to put it another way, this morning I put the video for Agile on the b3ta board. It sounds more exciting the other way, but that's what it means!

The word "EXCLUSIVE" appears in the first sentence because, apparently, the way you DRIVE CUSTOMERS towards your CONTENT these days is to give influential websites the chance to EXCLUSIVELY show your track or whatever for the first day or so, as that means you send your fans to them and vica versa in a thrilling feat of social media SYNERGY. With the new album I have spent several weeks trying to sort this out for various videos, with little success - somebody did very kindly offer to do one for Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good People? but, for very understandable reasons, couldn't in the end, and after that I had precisely NO success with anywhere else. In fact, none of the many other sites I contacted even replied to my emails, which is a) depressingly common b) RUDE, so in the end I thought "SOD IT!" and decided to do it myself. AND DID.

HOWEVER! The idea remained in my BRANE, and since the album was released last week I've noticed several people focusing on Agile as it is ABOUT something that many people know about, but has never (to my knowledge) been mentioned in song, possibly because it is a topic that is entirely unintelligible to anybody who has not encountered it in real life. "HA!" I thought to myself, "a topic which is unintelligible to outsiders but which many people DO think about? In a song of mine which is passed around on the internet? Why does that sound familiar?"

For LO! that is pretty much what Hey Hey 16K was - I don't like to mention it much, so you probably won't be aware, but that song had a video too, done by Mr Rob Manuel, which became one of the earliest VIRALS back in the days when Prime Ministers lasted longer than groceries. The success of this was mostly due to Rob's video and its appearance on his site b3ta, and I thought how much fun it would be to do something like that again.

"HANG ON A MINUTE!" my BRANE piped up. "Doesn't b3ta have a MESSAGE BOARD? Isn't that a place where you can PUT VIDEOS?" "Yes BRANE," I replied, "Why dou you... OH RIGHT, I see!"

I checked that my LOGIN to that estimable message board still worked, and then this morning I DROPPED (put) it there for the world to see, in the hope that the world DOES see it. I had some QUALMS about whether it was OK to do this, and wondered whether the hip young trendsetters who read b3ta would appreciate it before realising that a) that is kind of what the board is for and b) the hip young trendsetters of b3ta are mostly the same AGE as me and of the same DISPOSITION, and so are pretty much the IDEAL TARGET AUDIENCE for precisely this song! ALSO I do think it is a MESSAGE (i.e. "Agile is bollocks") that needs to be HEARD - as the song says, I do think that this attitude of swanking around saying buzzwords and then rushing important jobs to the minimum standard you can get away with HAS become far too common in modern society, not least in our political system, and it would be NICE if we could at least TRY and do things properly once in a while.

What I'm saying here is that it is a PROTEST SONG promoting a SOCIAL GOOD and so therefore everybody should share it! In fact, at time of typing this several HOURS have gone by since I DROPPED it on b3ta, so I think it's OK to start squeezing round the exclusivity of it all and post it right HERE, right NOW, THUS:

I always say something like "Please have a look and share it around" when I release a new video, but I mean it even more this time! I do understand that AGILE works in the areas it was designed for - the delivery of software systems - but SO MANY of us work in areas that it really really was NOT designed for - just to pluck an example from the air, the maintenance of ongoing computer systems in large educational establishments, say - where it has been CLINICALLY PROVEN to be a BAD THING that I think it would be marvellous if we could start the process of NOT using it anymore! Let's make some CHNAGE!

posted 20/10/2022 by MJ Hibbett

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