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Blog: The Fesshole Book Launch

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I had a RIGHT glamorous night out in London's Fashionable London Town last night, as I headed into the swinging funland for the launch of Rob Manuel's book The Very Best Of Fesshole.

The INSANE GLAMOUR started just after I got off the fancy Elizabeth Line train at the Dean Street exit into Soho, and wandered down to The Newsagent That Sells Weird Magazines That Nobody Else Does, hoping that they would have a copy of Electronic Sound. To my delight they DID, and to my even GREATER delight it include a review of my new album by the ever wonderful Mr Bob Fischer. I bought a copy and then pretty much TRIPPED OVER a flipping FILM CREW who were doing something or other in the doorway. It was all VERY SOHO darlings.

I then popped into Gosh to get the first issue of "Miracleman: The Silver Age", and had a chat with Drew The Manager who I haven't seen for AGES. I was VERY excited to FINALLY be getting this comic that had taken several DECADES to arrive, and can confirm that it is DEAD GOOD. This Neil Gaiman chap will go far!

Then it was a quick stroll over to Bloomsbury to The College Arms, where the book launch was scheduled to commence. It was starting at 7pm, so my cunning plan was to get there AT 7pm, as people NEVER get to these things on time so it's nice to be the person who DOES, and then lurk quietly in a corner for a bit not knowing anyone before going home. That is NOT how it went, however! When I arrived the function room was FULL, and it was weirdly full of LOADS of people I actually knew, often from various and different parts of my life. I hung around with Mr Dave Green for a big chunk of the evening, as he is VERY good at this sort of thing, introducing people to each other and being a party HOST, so I got to meet several lovely people, many of whom turned out to be people I actually ALSO knew from ONLINE. It was very much like a REUNION of everybody who was on the internet a MILLION years ago, back when it was good!

This feeling was helped along by the fact that Rob was wandering around dressed as a BISHOP, ready for when he delivered a SERMON from atop the stairs. All right, technically it wasn't a sermon - it was him doing a BIT about the things he'd learned from doing Fesshole, and it was VERY AMUSING INDEED - but looking at some of the pictures taken it looks very much LIKE a sermon. Or possibly an INTERNET ILLUMINATI meeting.

After that there was PROSECCO, FREE BOOKS FOR ALL (it is a LOVELY looking book, I highly recommend it!) and more chat before it was time for me to stagger out into the night, my head full of WARM THORTS towards all of the excellent people I'd seen, and my bag full of BOOK. It was GRATE!

posted 28/10/2022 by MJ Hibbett

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you and dave are right at the back of the crowd in that photo, and I claim my five pounds.
posted 28/10/2022 by fession

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