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Blog: I Saw Coia Down The Local

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On Saturday night I met with Mr Steve Hewitt to go and see a GIG!

It was at The Lexington, so I popped to Indian Veg for my tea first, and was delighted to find it had not changed at all, with the lovely food and the same potty posters. The price appears to have DOUBLED since I was last there, but there has been a lot of water under the bridge since then, also pandemics, invasions, and Tory Governments, so I guess it was to be expected.

Full of GRUB I headed to the pub to meet Steve. Usually he turns up WELL before me, so I was very pleased with myself when I got there EARLY, but then PANICKED when Steve did not turn up at precisely 7pm. Had he been hit by a comet? Wiped from continuity? Caught on a tube? My relief when he DID arrive, four minutes later, was PALPABLE. Clearly the answer is for me to turn up later again next time!

We had a couple of beers and delved into Important Artistic Issues and then headed over to The Lexington, there to see The Just Joans play one of their all to rare gigs in That London. It was lovely being back in The Lexington, home of MANY fab indie-type gigs over the years, and ESPECIALLY lovely to find it full of many fab indie-type PEOPLE. A big chunk of the evening was spent greeting people who I or we had not seen for AGES, verily it was like a tiny bit of Indietracks was back!

The gig itself was GRATE. The usual acoustical line-up of David and Katie was augmented by Frasier on instruments various, and they had a DELIGHTFUL chat dynamic going, with Frasier clearly USED to David's always excellent REMARKS. Their songs are GRATE but one of the best bits of their LIVE EXPERIENCE is the CHAT between songs, which was on TOP FORM. Also, as usual in recent years, there was MOISTNESS around the eyes towards the end. Is the local still the local? IT FELT LIKE IT BABY!

Afterwards we had some more chat and also watched BALLBOY. My current spate of ROCK DATA ENTRY has informed me that I've played on the same bill as Ballboy, or members thereof, on several occasions over the years but have never actually SEEN them before, usually because they have tended to be several places up the bill from me/us, and so I have staggered off in search of food/beer/my bed by that point, which is a shame as they too were dead good, especially the drummer who was clearly having a FINE old time. It was LOVELY to see!

This time I managed NOT to stagger off in search of food OR my bed until AFTER they'd finished, also after saying hello to a whole bunch of other people. During the course of the evening Steve had opined that "Gigs are BRILLIANT" and, on this evidence, I think I must agree with him!

posted 16/1/2023 by MJ Hibbett

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