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Blog: Impending Doom

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These days it feels like this blog is turning into one of those webpages from the early 2000s which had a hits counter, an "under construction" GIF and a front page blog saying "Sorry I've not updated in a while, but that's all going to change soon!"

Anyway, sorry I've not updated in a while, but that's all going to change soon! (being in the second paragraph makes it FINE) The reason for the lack of news updates is the same as ever i.e. there hasn't been that much news to share. GIGS continue to occur but not very often, and though I do sometimes have vague tingles of NEW SONGS it will be a good long while until a studio is approached. Actually, by the time that's necessary we probably won't even have to bother with anything like that, I'll just be able to ring up a ROBOT and say "the songs are all metaphors involving something to do with jobs with lots of rhymes in it that only work in a Peterborough accent, and the music sounds like The Validatos, you know, THEM" and leave it to SKYNET to generate an album.

HOWEVER, though ROCK is in short supply there ARE a couple of other things coming up that are ACTUALLY QUITE EXCITING. The one I am free to speak of at the moment is to do with my forthcoming BOOK, "Data And Doctor Doom", what is coming out early next year. I know that it is coming out early next year because last week I was chatting to someone who casually mentioned that they had seen it in THE CATALOGUE. I had no idea about any of that so went and looked and LO! There it was, just hanging around nonchalantly on the Palgrave Studies in Comics and Graphic Novels page as if it wasn't a big deal. It's even got its own page with release dates, ISBN and ISSNs, which makes it seem TERRIFYINGLY REAL.

On top of all of that, the main listings page even has a tiny image of the COVER. I reckon that means it's OK for me to do my own slightly bigger COVER REVEAL, so here it is!

Front cover of Data And Doctor Doom

It looks PROPER, I think. The main image is one what I done myself, and which I spent several very happy hours doodling on, rather nicely re-sized and cropped by the designers to look fairly respectable. I am, to say the least HAPPY with it! You can also find it listed on Amazon - it's nearly A HUNDRED QUID on there but then again you do get free delivery if you're with Prime!

As stated, the actual genuine real-life BOOK will be out early next year (it says 10 January 2024 on the Palgrave listing, but that's more of a guide than a genuine diary date) and I will be shouting about it A LOT around then. I'm also thinking of some Publicity Activity too, some of which would be GOOD FUN, but for now I'm planning to just enjoy the fact that there is an ISBN with my name on it!

posted 9/10/2023 by MJ Hibbett

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