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Pictures: Filming the video for "It Only Works Because You're Here"

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We gathered at TomOur plan: to record a video.No expense was spared on the set dressing!Or indeed on the costumes.There was ACTING!Costume changes!Here we see The Director hard at work, realising his VISION.A costume change for Tim.Emma on to her third outfit.And Tim on his third one too (with added oranges).ACTING!"... and also, when heAaah!Jollity on set.Even more jollity.Tim readies himself for The Kissing.The Kissing.After The Kissing.Emma takes a coffee break after yet another costume change.Supporting Artiste Mr W Pilkington.We can fix this hair in "post".Warren gets ready for his big moment.The star, waiting for the crew to get their act together.Tim in yet another outfit.THE BIG KISS.ThisHealthy snacks were provided.Tim goes for the Oscar.Props!In the Film Business scenes are often shot out of sequence. Good job we had a Storyboard...The first shot of the final video, shot near the end of the day.ARTISTIC CONCENTRATION.Bring me my BAFTA!Warren, centre stage.
DESPAIR!Final pick-up shots.THE END!

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