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The Last Working Day Of The Month: Issue 116

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(MJ Hibbett & The Validators FACT, October 31st 2014)

Hello all, and welcome to this CLOCK CHANGING edition of the newsletter - we've got tours, podcasts, and remixes to talk about this time, so let's get to it!

Thursday 6 November - The King & Queen, London
Totally Acoustic with Pete Green and Martin Austwick.

Saturday 8 November - The Chameleon, Nottingham
The Nottingham franchise of Totally Acoustic, with Shelley Jane, Daniel Sheen, Alexander Hale and ME. Starts 2pm.

Monday 1 December - The Bicycle Shop, Norwich
Tuesday 2 December - Nook Cafe, Northampton
Wednesday 3 December - Rose And Crown, London
Back on tour with Mr Gavin Osborn!

Check for more information.

As you can see from the gigs listings, I'm back on tour with Mr Gavin Osborn in December. We're calling it the 'Trains And Automobile Tour' and you can find the DELIGHTFUL poster, along with further details and links to tickets, over on the gigs page HERE:

This month we've got the Patron Saint Of Totally Acoustic, Mr Pete Green, as well as Mr Martin Austwick making his DEBUT for us. You can also catch up with last month's show, featuring The Mini-Skips (or at least A Mini-Skip) and 'Jurassic Park: The Musical' right HERE:

I've entered a competition remixing the song 'Fort' by the band GoGo Penguin. I have basically FIXED it by adding a bunch of guitars and a chorus, and I reckon it turned out pretty flipping catchy. You can hear the start of my - surely inevitable - career in mixology right HERE:

Over the past few weeks I've written several topical songs for NewsRevue, a live weekly sketch show at the Canal Cafe Theatre in London. They're well-known pop songs with the words re-written for the purposes of satire/comedy/both. It's been really good fun to do but I AM slightly worried that I might finally be turning into the 21st Century Richard Stilgoe! If you're in London town at weekends you can go and judge for yourself, HERE:

And with that ALARMING mental image I think we'd better close for this month - thanks for listening!



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