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The Last Working Day Of The Month: Issue 2

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(MJ Hibbett & The Validators FACT, March 31st 2005 )

Hello all, welcome to the SECOND issue of our mighty newsletter - I've added a few new people to the list, so welcome to new people, and if you don't want to get this do let me know, otherwise LET'S GO!


This month I shall be playing the following places:

Wednesday 13th April - Cambridge, The Man On The Moon (full Validators line-up) Thursday 28th April - London, 12 Bar (solo) Monday 2nd May - Sheffield, Students Union (at the all day Fuzz Club BBQ)

Yes, I know 2nd May isn't actually IN April, but it nearly is!


The jaunt over to Ireland was LOVELY - Jim Morrish took EXTREMELY good care of me, and I had a LOVELY time. The Guiness IS much nicer over there, but goodness me the BASS is FOUL! Tapton Music Festival in Sheffield was a GRATE day out too, and I've also played in Lewisham and New Cross - both of these were short-notice gigs but turned out GOOD, especially the one in Lewisham which, tho i hesitate to say so, BLOODY ROCKED.


As mentioned last time we went in to finish off the first batch of demoes, and we are WELL chuffed with them (for a VIEW of what they're like, you can read John Kell's REVIEW of them at We also got together to start learning some NEW songs last week, so by the time we go to CORNWALL to record them in the summer we should have a good BATCH to choose from. Meanwhile the SECRET SHOP ( for previous purchasers of STUFF, at is closing at the end of this week, so if you've not got Warriors Of Nanpantan yet and would like to buy it for cheap, GET IN!


We've had airplay this week on Kooba Radio's Johnny Yeah Show (which you can download from, Lord Litter on Cyberstorm Radio (, On The Wire on Radio Lancashire (, and a live SESSION on Freak FM in Cork. It's all very lovely - and ALSO, this Sunday (April 3rd) I'm going to be playing live on Steve Lamacq's final Sunday Session. I've written a song called "Good Luck In Your New Job" for the occasion, and i rather like it!


This month's big news has been the recruitment of Mr Eddy Bewsher to be our MANAGER - sounds proper and grown-up doesn't it? Hopefully Eddy's going to sort us out some gigs and MAYBE get someone to release a record for us, but for the moment all is quiet and still, as we're concentrating on learning those new songs first. In other news, the Quality Of Life Enhancement Device webpage is blossoming nicely at - if you've time, do pop over and have a look, it's rather GROOVY!

Thanks for listening, more news (and not news) on the webpage and more FACT next month!



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