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The Last Working Day Of The Month: Issue 22

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(MJ Hibbett & The Validators FACT, November 30th 2006 )

Hello all, and welcome to the TWENTY SECOND issue of our PRE-CHRISTMAS newsletter. Let's make it HAPPEN shall we?


This month I shall be playing the following places:

Thursday November 30 - Jamm, London (Vic Lambrusco's Cabaret Hour!)

Thursday December 7 - The Living Room, Cambridge (The Living Room Christmas gig - tickets available from

Saturday December 9 - Woodhouse Eaves Village Hall, Leicester (The Validators Christmas Party, with Tube Bar DJs, in aid of the Woodhouse Eaves Playground Appeal - more details and tickets at

Wednesday December 13 - The Rose Of England, Nottingham (Tasty Fanzine's Christmas Gig, with Orchards and Mr Pete Green. Tickets available from

Thursday December 14 - The Basement Bar, Leicester (Sorted gig promoting the Hollow Smoke compilation - - with Michael from Lazarus Clamp. FREE!)

Sunday December 17 - The Good Ship, London (Sorted Records all-dayer with Bobby McGees, Chapter24, Pacific Ocean Fire, Former Utopia, Lazarus Clamp, and The Dirty Backbeats, again promoting the Hollow Smoke compilation. Tickets available from

A healthy batch of Christmas Gigs this time around, and I'd especially recommend Woodhouse Eaves, if you can make it - it's going to be FUN!


I've done NO gigs at all since the last newsletter. A large chunk of my time was spent over in Australia, and almost as large a chunk was spent afterwards falling asleep at inopportune moments from Jet Lag!


We're just getting ourselves together for the next release, which will be a EP featuring "The Gay Train" and "The Lesson Of The Smiths", along with "Never Going Back To Aldi's", "Other Bands' Setlists", an acoustical version of "We Only Ever Meet In Church" and a radio edit of "The Lesson Of The Smiths", known HILARIOUSLY to us as The Norman Collier Mix.

Little Star Designs are hard at work on the sleeve and I'm busying myself with the Multimedia. This should feature the video for "The Gay Train", the demo version of "Hey Hey 64K" and the story of how that came to be, and a recording of our gig at The Firebug in Leicester on the tour in July. We're hoping to have it all done and releasable in the spring, but we'll let you know how it goes in the next few newsletters.


Nothing at all this month, as far as I know!


It's ADVENT tomorrow, and you can get in the spirit of it all with Sean's online Advent Calendar, at It's going to have an new EXCITING THING available every day, kicking off with a free download of our song "The Advent Calendar Of FACT". You can get it from there starting from tomorrow, with loads more things to follow over the next three and a bit weeks!

And that's about your lot for this month. Next newsletter will be a bit early as I don't have to work over the holiday season, so until then good luck with the shopping and Merry Christmas!



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