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The Last Working Day Of The Month: Issue 47

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(MJ Hibbett & The Validators FACT, December 23rd 2008 )

Hello all, and welcome to this DECIDEDLY FESTIVE edition of the newsletter. Let's GO!


I'm OFF ROAD for a while now, with only these gigs in January:

Tuesday January 13 - The Lamb, London
(First Totally Acoustic of 2009, with Orange Nichole and Superman Revenge Squad)

Tuesday January 20 - The Dry Bar, London
(Charlie's Birthday, with George Death, Cracktown and more)

More details, as ever, at


It's been a MASSIVELY busy rush of gigs this month, starting off with a lovely night in Sheffield saying farewell to Markie Parallelograms. Surrey was ROCKED, I was told I had a "very nice accent" for the first time EVER at The Wilmington Arms, and we had a MEGA BRILL Totally Acoustic with Jenny, Jon and my PARENTS. I went all the way to Stockton-on-tees to play to an audience of ONE (thanks for the pints Craig!), had an AMAZING night at PopArt singing THE BEST BIT out of "Do They Know It's Christmas" and finished up with my 72nd gig of the year at The (lovely) Windmill in Brixton. Seventy Two gigs! I am KNACKERED!


The Advent Calendar of FACT should be very VERY available to buy on most download sites now, and you can see the VIDOE here:

GRUMPS and SCROOGES be warned - it is EXTREMELY Christmassy!

In ALBUM news, we've now FINISHED all the overdubs and it's all sounding, frankly, AMAZING. We're hopefully doing the final final tweaks in early February (primarily the GAPS, or lack of them, between songs) then Mastering it all ready for a release sometime in the Spring. I can't wait for people to hear it, it sounds GRATE!


I was featured in The Guardian the other week - not for ROCK but for my MOUSTACHE - HERE:

Maps Magazine's advent calendar has a BRAND NEW Christmas Song by me, "I Got You What You Want For Christmas". If you fancy a listen, it's under door 6, here:

And that's about the lot for now - thanks very much for listening this year, it's always appreciated, and have a FANTASTIC Christmas! Now, TO THE PUB!



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