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The Last Working Day Of The Month: Issue 56

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(MJ Hibbett & The Validators FACT, September 30th 2009 )

Hello everybody, and welcome to this New Phase Validators newsletter. We've got gigs, a new single, and AWARDS - let's GO!


Tuesday October 6 - The Lamb, London (7-9pm)
(Totally Acoustic with the Gavin Osborn and Winston Echo)

Saturday October 10 - Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes, London
(John Peel Day, with Tender Trap, Beatnik Filmstars and LOADS more)

Thursday October 22 - Jamm, London
(with Tender Trap at How Does It Feel)

Sunday October 25 - Firebug, Leicester
(Onstage 4.30pm at Oxjam Leicester)

Saturday October 31 - Buffalo Bar, London
(with The Lovely Eggs, The School, The Grave Architects, and The Peryls)

Check for further details.


August ended with a ROMPING run-through of 'Dinosaur Planet' in Ray's Mum's Back Garden (aka HIBBETTFEST) then I had the whole of September OFF from gigs. It was LOVELY to have some free time but now I'm BACK and raring to ROCK, also to ROLL!


Our next single "My Boss Was In An Indie Band Once" is released on October 19. It's got the lead track plus our cover version of "House Of Fun" by Madness, then on the multimedia section there's a complete recording of "Dinosaur Planet" from the last night of the Edinburgh run and a copy of the "My Boss" VIDEO. There's also a rather snazzy "My Boss Was In An Indie Band" BADGE free with every copy. COOL, huh?

I'm only doing 200 copies of this one, so it'll be available EARLY to people on this mailing list - details will be at from noon UK time on Wednesday October 14, so DIARISE if you want to NAB one. The video will also be online then - it's BLOODY GRATE!

Its parent album, "Regardez, Ecoutez et Repetez", is still VERY much available, and I've finally put some of the reviews up at . They are many and delightful!


I've been nominated for the Virtual Festivals Critics' Choice Award as part of the UK Festival Awards! ZANG! It's for my "special" contribution to Indietracks, which has ALSO been nominated in several categories. I am VERY excited about this, and if you'd like to VOTE for me and for Indietracks PLEASE feel free to do so HERE:

GO ON! I'd REALLY like to at least get through the first stage for this one! If you weren't there you can check the specialness yourself via this lovely video:

In other news, we're now on SONGKICK, which is an exciting online database of ALL GIGS EVER. If, like me, you enjoy the combination of STATISTICS and ROCK then this may be of interest, as you can chart all sorts of things like who was at the same gigs as you, what was played, where they played certain songs etc etc. You can apparently add stuff for ANYONE, but OUR pages are HERE:

And finally, I've just finished the first draft of the SCRIPT for the concept album version of "Dinosaur Planet" and we're starting the recording sessions THIS MONTH. There's extra songs, extra jokes, and a whole MOUNTAIN of extra HORNPIPE - PREPARE yourselves!

And that, I feel, is more than enough for now - thanks for listening, and hope to see you back out on THE ROAD!



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