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The Last Working Day Of The Month: Issue 59

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(MJ Hibbett & The Validators FACT, December 23rd 2009 )

Hello everybody, and welcome to this CHRISTMAS Newsletter. Apologies to those who're working tomorrow or - WORSE YET - next week, it's time to get going!


I'm having January OFF, and then will be doing THESE:

Tuesday February 9 - The Lamb, London
(Totally Acoustic)

Friday February 12 - The Criterion, Leicester
Saturday February 13 - The Criterion, Leicester
(Dinosaur Planetat The Leicester Comedy Festival)

Check for further details.


I've had a succession of LOVELY Christmas gigs - a joyous Totally Acoustic with Pete Green and Simon Fox, the last Validators gig for a good while with The PopArt boys, and further festive fun at the Wilmington and Jericho Tavern. I wish I could play Christmas Songs all year round!


Progress on "Dinosaur Planet: The Concept Album" continues - I went up to Derby to do some overdubs the other week, Tom's in TODAY to do some of his bits, and then just before New Year me and The Rhythm Section are going to try and do ALL the remaining backing tracks.

Meanwhile "The Christmas Blues EP" seems to be picking up quite a lot of interest, and thanks loads to everyone who's been to look at my videos at - we've just tipped over 10,000 views! HOORAH!


I've written a song for the lovely people at Papermint (, an online game for kids that's launching in the new year. They're going to use it to make a promotional video - the song's dead catchy and the game looks GORGEOUS, so hopefully it'll be GRATE!

And finally, be prepared for quite a lot fewer gigs from us in 2010. I've done 298 gigs in the past half decade and am KNACKERED, and as there's various Life Events occurring this year for The Validators we're going to be doing SIGNIFICANTLY less gigs. That's the plan anyway - we DO have a Validators gig booked for later in the year, we're still recording the concept album, and I'll be going to the Fringe again, so FEAR NOT, we'll STILL probably be doing more than most people!

And with that I think all that remains is to wish everyone on this list an EXTREMELY Happy Christmas, and a GRATE New Year! Thanks SO much for listening to all of this, and see you on the other side!



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