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The Last Working Day Of The Month: Issue 64

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(MJ Hibbett & The Validators FACT, May 28th 2010)

Hello everybody - we've got albums, dinosaurs and more albums to talk about so let's GET IT ON!


Thursday June 1 - The Green Dragon, Croydon
(performing Songs From Dinosaur Planet!)

Sunday June 20 - The Windmill, Brixton
(onstage 6pm at the Damnably Summer All-Dayer)

Still fairly quiet, as we prepare for Edinburgh, but there's some preview gigs coming up soon - check for all the updates.


Thanks to everyone who PUSHED our bandcamp advert ( for us, most appreciated! We continue the excitement this month with the addition of our third album 'WE VALIDATE', on our bandcamp page HERE:

It's free to stream and cheap to download, and will be accompanied next month by further plundering of our back catalogue!


Work continues preparing 'The Forest Moon Of Enderby', our new 'Rest Of' album, for release. Tim's hard at work on the artwork and I'm busily putting together the multimedia, which'll include lyrics, new annotations, and a whole DOUBLE ALBUM of extra songs. It should be available at Indietracks in July, and then in shops later in the year.


We had our first PREVIEW show this week, which seemed to go pretty well (playing with the completely brilliant Ben Moor at Totally Acoustic). We're back in rehearsals again for most of this month but will be booking in some more previews soon.


Even MORE recording sessions have occurred since last we gathered together, with further sessions booked for June. Meanwhile Rich and Robbie at Snug have been set HOMEWORK - a big (VERY big) list of Required Sound Effects which they're getting together. It's going to sound AMAZING!


We were featured in Bizarre Magazine this month, in their Exciting New Music section written by the ever marvellous Jude Rogers. It was GRATE - apart from describing me as '40 Something'. NOT YET!!

I also did a lengthy interview (I don't know if it was meant to be lengthy, I just didn't stop talking) for Shift Run Stop's podcast. It'll be online next Thursday, apparently, HERE:

And that's about your lot for this time - have a nice bank holiday, those who are having one, and see you next time!



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