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The Last Working Day Of The Month: Issue 92

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(MJ Hibbett & The Validators FACT, October 31st 2012)

Hello all, and welcome to this FEATURE RICH edition of the newsletter - we've got new shows, re-releases and BOOKS to talk about this time, so let's get to it!

Sunday 18 November - The Komedia, Brighton
Supporting The Lovely Brothers
tickets HERE:

Saturday 8 December - Marie-Antoinette, Berlin, Germany
with The June Brides, Michael Knight, and Eddie Argos & The Punk Rock Motherflippers [name adjusted for work email filters]

Check for more information.

We've now got a proper dedicated website for the FREE Dinosaur Planet full-cast play, HERE:

It's available FREE for performance by schools, community groups and amateur dramatics societies in 2013. We can provide scripts, songbooks, CDs, downloads, artwork and even advice from ME (if you think that would help), and there's also the opportunity to book workshop sessions via Jenny ("PC Jenny") Lockyer of Funsense Theatre. We've already got a few organisations interested, but more would be lovely!

We start Actual Rehearsals for the new show this month and we've got our usual warm-ups at the Green Dragon and Lexington booked in January before we head up to Leicester for the comedy festival. All we need to do now (apart from LEARNING it) is to get the props!

To mark the release of "Jeff Wayne's War Of The Worlds - The New Generation" (a re-recording of the classic original album, with Gary Barlow, Jess Stone and Him Out Of The Kaiser Chiefs) on November 26th we're going to be re-releasing "Dinosaur Planet" on the same day at HALF PRICE! We want to give people the chance to hear the RIGHTFUL successor to Mr Wayne's classic!

There's a GRATE new book out called "Grand Thieves & Tomb Raiders: How British Videogames Conquered the World" which tells the history of computer games, HERE:

Go to the "see inside this book" section and look what chapter 3 is called - I recommend it HIGHLY!

And finally - Christmas is coming and we're already busily working on this year's Christmas song, "The Flashing Santa". We'll be adding it to the Christmas Selection Box album as usual, and there'll hopefully be a video too - more news on that next time!

And I think that's enough excitement for now - thanks for listening, and see you next time!


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