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MJ Hibbett & The Validators: Clubbing in The Week/Only Everything

EP/Singles: Clubbing in The Week/Only Everything

This single is now sold out, although both of my tracks are available on the Warriors Of Nanpantan compilation.

The first ever AAS (proper) release! Hoorah! The main song was recorded for my last tape ("Home Taping Is Killing Music"), and I really liked it, and felt it should be given new life as a single – mind you, over the course of preparing the single, I did entirey rerecord it twice, before returning to the original version! Anyway, Mr Fleay from Sienna (for it was HE) and I danced around each other on the email for about a week, before deciding we'd put out a split single together. I'd spoken to a Mysterious Chap at a gig the week before (and also at the Tube Bar) about putting out a single, so we had a meeting with him – HE was Mr Whitaker, and suddenly WE were AAS.

Other exciting and notable things to do with this –the b-side is a VERY old song written in about 1992, and this was about the FOURTH time I'd tried recording it! The cover was taken in a higher education building out in the wilds of Nottinghamshire, and I recall it being lots of fun, even if people did cruelly MOCK my dancing style – you should have seen the outtakes. And finally, it was mastered at Porky's in London, which was dead exciting. Afterwards Mr Whitaker, Anne from Sienna, Mr Gary Thatcher and myself all went for a Swift Pint, and got very very very excited about our imminent massive chart success.

Clubbing In The Week - MJ Hibbett
Fucking Hippy - MJ Hibbett
Only Everything - Sienna
The Listener - Sienna

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