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MJ Hibbett & The Validators: PBH Free Fringe Benefit Album

Compilations: PBH Free Fringe Benefit Album

Compilation to raise funds for the PBH Free Fringe 2013. Only available between February 28th and April 15th 2013.

Tell Him The Truth - A Fine Day For Sailing
Ermahgerd - Pete Weiss & the Rock Band
They Don't Know - Model Village
Carry Your Good Name - August Actually
Los Elefantes - Haiku Salut
At The Zoo (A.A. Milne) - Chris T-T
When Do I Start? - CJ Wadsworth
Why Canít I Be Like Lee Coombs? (Original Mix) - Fakebit Polytechnic
My Perfect Valentine - Frankie Machine
Love Of The Comedy People - Peter Buckley Hill
Onion Ring (He Couldn't Wait for Warrington) - Daniel & Norbert Dentressangle
When You're A Crab - Helen Arney
Nervous Dancer - James Summerfield
Debbie - The Bobby McGees
The Foghorn Song - The Mini Skips
The Plymouth Hotel - Matt Tiller
Magnetic South - Plug
December - Paul Morricone
Truck Drivin' - The Weisstronauts
Middleclass 90s Student - The Hector Collectors
10p Mix - The 10p Mixes
Poetry And Jazz - John Otway
Erika K - The Understudies
Just Want You Back - Keith Top Of The Pops
Two - The Spearmint Sea
Dirty Names - Lazarus Clamp
Friday Afternoons - The Just Joans
Face Like An Android - Lardpony
Counting The Days Back To You - Sunny Intervals
Do The Maths - Being 747
Perfect - Tim Eveleigh
The Door Blows Open - Sool & Inverse Room
Impulse Records (1970 - 2000) - The Plimptons
Bad Apple - World Of Fox
Philadelphia - Standard Fare
Do It Yourself - MJ Hibbett (and Steve)

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