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MJ Hibbett & The Validators: Say It With Words

Albums: Say It With Words

The debut album from 2000, with old favourites like Hey Hey 16K and Payday Is The Best Day.

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This took about eighteen months to record, although if you took all the time we actually used and stuck it together, we did it all in about a fortnight. We recorded about 24 songs in all, then I gave tapes to everybody on the album (and several other people too) along with a form, which I asked them to fill in saying how much they rated each songs. We took this Quantitative Analysis from the "Focus Group" to a band meeting, where we Qualitatively (hey, it's my JOB to know this sort of thing) sorted through the results and used them to decide the album tracklisting. If I'd been left to sort it out on my own I'd still be trying to work it out now

The Black Hair And Glasses Brigade
Payday Is The Best Day
Stop, Look and Listen
Where Is My Torch?
Born With The Century
Hey Hey 16K
Say It With Words
If You're Too Turned On
Where Do All The Women Go To?
The Saturday Lunchtime Wrestlers
Carol And The Mandolin
Would If I Could
The Pebble And The Boulder
Wings of Fire

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