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MJ Hibbett & The Validators: Your Haircut

Releases With Other Bands: Your Haircut

Our first tape - well, as The Council anyway. We recorded it in my attic at Kirby Road, and did it very quickly, as we wanted it to sound like our live act. It thus sounds a bit under-done and not very happy at all, but then we weren't very happy at the time. I did "Your Haircut" on my own, and it sounds oddly jolly in comparison, as I made it up as I was going along.

The title, by the way, was so that people would go into shops and say "Do you have Your Haircut by The Council?" and HILARIOUS misunderstandings would ensue. It never got into any shops though, so nothing happened.

Dirty Old Man
Just Sex
Your Girlfriend's Friend
So Dull
Malignant Work
Your Haircut

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