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Songs: A Difficult Age

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Leave me here at home
I'll stay all on my own
I'll only get in the way
Of the fun you'll have at the family day
So leave me here at home

And maybe it's this difficult age
But I feel a little ill today

I'll go to my room and hide
Until I hear the car leave the drive
Then I'll slip downstairs to play
Four or five hours of computer games
With no-one to take turns with I'm so happy I could smile

Pausing only once or twice
To indulge my only vice:
Cheese and salad cream sandwiches

In the living room on the big TV
From half past ten to half past three
You'll never know I was there
I'll be packed up back up stairs
Draped across my bed I'll be pretending to be asleep

And maybe it's this difficult age
But I've had a rather wonderful day
With cheese and salad cream sandwiches

Published by Wipe Out Music Publishing

Yesterday morning (7th February 2011) i sat down at my desk at home, just before going to work, and thought "I'll have a go at something with C#m in it for February Album Writing Month", as I'd recently spoken of it an an EVENT as my favourite chord. The progression rolled out very easily, and it struck me as i did so that it sounded rather SMITHS-Y - had i at last discovered the secret of Sounding A Bit Like Johnny Marr?

ALAS it turns out the secret of Sounding A Bit Like Johnny Marr is to be REALLY GOOD AT PLAYING GUITAR, but it did make me think maybe I could have a go at some Morrissey-esque lyrics, and also slightly Moz-ish structure, not worrying too much about lots of different bits and singing it slightly differently in different places. I'm not sure I managed the second half, but i AM quite happy with the way it does a sort of ME-ified version OF Morrissey, being a bit WRY like him and DOMESTIC, but the domesticity of Peterborough in the early 1980s rather than Manchester in the 1950s.

It's all true about the cheese and salad cream sandwiches, by the way - i LOVE cheese and salad cream sandwiches, leave me alone in a building for five minutes and i will MAKE them!

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