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Songs: A Weekend Lover's Lot

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I left you monday morning lying beautiful in bed
I had to catch the first bus back to work, but in my head
Were thoughts of you and things we'd done and everything you said
Because a weekend lover's lot is what we got.
I always wished we'd had more time to sit around and talk
But you lived thiry miles away and it was much too far to walk
So we took the time we got and tried to fill it up with love
But a weekend lover's lot is what we got
Like a leap-year baby born on 29/02, we bents four years into one and seven days in two
I idealised our love affair, ignored what wasn't right
When there's just a weekend's worth why waste time with a fight?
Because I loved you
But it frightened me to say that I foresaw a time when I would have to walk away
And my procrastination made it harder when it came
A weekend lover's lot is what we got.

Published by Wipe Out Music Publishing

This one has an odd history - originally written as an uber-twee consideration of a situation I was in, it turned rather melancholic when that situation ended. I thought it was Quite good, but during the Focus Group Exercise it turned out I was in fact mistaken, and just about everybody hated it, hence it's unlikely ever to be heard by human ear again. Still, here's the words.

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