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Songs: Brokeback Workbench

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I glanced across the workbench, the day the project started
I'd been told that these experiments were not for the fainthearted
but the things that I've discovered have stunned me into silence
they can not be easily explained with science

A whole new research project became outlined within my mind
My aim: to prove the theory that you could be my type
My method: to undo the top button on my lab coat
The Result: you blushed shyly in your notes

I've done a lot of experiments
But this one's off the chart
Experimenting with my heart

My first day in the laboratory, and I did not expect
To make a new discovery that no-one had published yet
But the chemical reaction I observed when our eyes met
I can't repeat with test tube and pipette

I looked up from my microscope to watch as you walked past
drifting by with elegance, just like a noble gas
I suspected it would not be easy to cause a reaction
but I found quite the opposite (to my deepest satisfaction)

I've done a lot of experiments
But this one's off the chart
Experimenting with my heart

my initial hypothesis was not too scientific
you can say that again, it was "I think you're terrific"
but the riddle was completed, the puzzle was cracked
I have backed up your theory with HARD FACT

we've done a lot of experiments
but this one's off the chart
experimenting with our hearts
experimenting with our hearts

Published by Wipe Out Music Publishing

When we discovered that both myself and Vom Vorton were going to be part of the 2011 Geekpop Virtual Festival, Tom (who IS Vom Vorton) suggested we write a DUET together. I readily agreed and, when we mentioned it to the organisers, they suggested we put it on the special EP they were releasing. We agreed. READILY!

The song was written by sending BITS back and forward between each other across the ETHER, first of all discussing various ideas for what it'd be ABOUT and then DRAFTING it. It was a LOT of fun, especially at times when I thought "Curses! I can't think of what to do next here... oh, i can just let Tom do that!" and DID.

Recording was pretty easy too - I done a couple of demoes of the main tune which Tom then recorded a basic track to. He added the middle section, i CHANGED the middle section, and then he finished it all off. It was a wonderful example of proper collaboration and a JOY to do throughout - and I reckon the finished article's pretty darn good too!

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