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Songs: Cheer Up Love

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Cheer up love
It might never happen
Come on duck
Why the long face?
Give's a smile
It's all that I'm asking
I'm trying to help
You through your day

I don't know
What might have happened
Maybe you
Have a reason to be sad
But surely
Someone shouting "cheer up"
Will cure any ills, more than pills
And make you glad

Hey! There's no need
To get all aggresive
I just thought
It could help in some way
But now you
Have killed me with an axe
And the last words that I heard was you say

Cheer up love
It might never happen
Come on duck
Why the long face?
Here's a smile
As that's what you wanted
Thank you for helping
Me through my day

Your bloodied corpse has
Really made my day

Published by Wipe Out Music Publishing

I was accosted in the street by a CHUGGER a little while ago who said "Cheer up mate!" as I passed. I was having a perfectly nice (if deep in THORT) time up until that point, but I suddenly found myself FURIOUS! I HATE it when people shout things like that - they don't know what kind of day you might have had, or whether you might actually have a good reason to be fed up, or maybe it is just your FACE!

Anyway, in the winter of 2016 I was piddling about trying to get myself into writing some new songs and this one just slipped out nice and easy. It hurts my THUMB to play (twiddly bits) but otherwise it was an entirely simple experience!

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