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Songs: Here At Last

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It's here at last
We've waited a long time for you
Let's cheer at last
We deserve it after all we've been through
This year at last
Is going the way that we want it to
It's clear at last
And we all know what we've gotta do
Come on, you know what you gotta do

This year
Finally we’re here
So good to be

Here today
Nowhere else that we’d rather be
It's clear today
We're going to see who we want to see
No tears today
We’re turning the past into history
Let's cheer today
Singing together as one big team

We’re here
Finally we’re here
So good to be here

It's been so long since we last stood here side by side
But now we're here it feels like everything's all right
We don't know what will happen, we don't know what's to come
But here together it feels like we've already won

Because we're here right now
And nobody's gonna take that away
Let's cheer right now
Letting you know that we're here today
It's clear right now
You're proud of us like we're proud of you
Right here, right now
And we all know what we've gotta do

We're here
Finally we're here
So good to be here
Finally we're here
It's so good to be here

Published by Wipe Out Music Publishing

The second single from Jane and John.

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