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Songs: I Am Too Polite

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He said You are an arsehole,
Does your mother cut your hair?
That was unprovoked, I didn't take it as a joke, so I said
Shall we settle this outside?
Or at least that's what i thought
It's not what i said at all
I am too polite
I saw her across a crowded dancefloor
I walked right up to her and said "You've Pulled."
"Go and get your coat. Oh, and by the way,'Hello'".
"I can keep this up all night."
Or at least that's what i thought
It's not what i said at all
I am too polite
Wouldn't it be nice, just once in a while
To say what's on our minds and forego the social smile
I could say to you all the thousand things i think
And if you don't agree i could blame it on the drink
You're droning on and on in every other bloody song
About the fact that you can't find "a bird"
Now why on earth is that, you unshaven sexist twat?
It's not just Bands From London who are shite..
Or at least that's what you thought
It's not what you said at all
Thanks for being polite

Published by Wipe Out Music Publishing

This is true, I am actually too polite - some of my idiot friends think I have on occasion been slightly rude, but this has only been when I have looked kindly upon the FOOLS with which I consort and tried to bestow some wisdom upon them. That's all.

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