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Songs: It's Not Like It's A Sin

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My flat is cold, my stomach's fat, and I can't really see
I'm going grey, I've reached the stage where bits drop off of me
I've got no decent stereo, i've got a noisy fridge
But I've got you and that's enough to be going on with
And it's not like it's a sin to be happy now and then
And it's not like it's a sin to wear a great big stupid grin
I've written lots of tunes for you, but they all came out wrong
The way I feel about you can't be contained in a song
I listen to the radio and it starts to make sense
I hear Here There and Everywhere and know what Paul McCartney meant
All this time i've been waiting here for you
Ready to spill my guts upon the floor for you
But I got a surprise and I've come to realise
That one and one might be bad maths, but it's a great big bag of laughs
So let's sail our jolly boat of joy along life's estuary
Though Ocean-Going Liners full of doom may follow you and me
I'll change the habits of a lifetime, cast off cynicism
I used to think that's all there is but now I know it isn't

Published by Wipe Out Music Publishing

This was written shortly after Hung Up and is about the same sort of thing.

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