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Songs: I Want The World To Stop

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I'd like the world to stay
How it is right now
I was happy here today
But I don't know about tomorrow
I can't imagine ever feeling
Quite this safe
I want the world to stop

You say that things must change
But I don't see why
I like the world this way
Why'd you want to go and spoil it?
I can't imagine ever feeling
More than this
I want the world to stop

Don't bring me songs by bands that I have never heard of
Don't give me politicians born after I was
Don't want to learn to use a new type of computer
Give me a world that's stopped

I'd like the world to stay
How it is right now
I never want to face
An unfamiliar tomorrow
I wish I had your faith
There might be more than this
But all I want's the world to stop

Published by Wipe Out Music Publishing

Fufu The Future Kitten's big song from "Total Hero Team". I thought it would be funny for her to sing an ENTIRELY SERIOUS song at this point, and it was only when we were doing our last batch of previews that I realised two things. Firstly, that once again I had written a dead nice song for a show which involved Steve titting around with a puppet (CF "Only A Robot" in "Moon Horse") and secondly that it wasn't that original after all - it's basically Orville doing "I Wish I Could Fly"!

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