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Songs: Leaping Hare in Broadgate

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Don't just stand there, come with me
I'm off to where it's all happening
Where we can feel the breeze behind us
Blowing us to new adventures
Let's leap across the steel and concrete
Leave behind the working city
Let it wait for us to come back
If we ever do

Who knows what might not happen once we're flying
We'll be dancing, skipping, smiling
Giggling like little babies
Being silly like old ladies
Life's a pool for us to dive in
Not a tube we're doomed to ride in
So let's be happy, let's be free
Don't just stand there, come with me

Published by Wipe Out Music Publishing

I saw a competition to write a monologue for a statue to "speak", so thought I'd have go. I went to look at the Leaping Hare statue in Broadgate Circle, just behind Liverpool Street Station, and this is what it seemed to say to me!

I sent the poem off and, as usual, heard nothing. I still liked the words though, so hunted around for a tune that I could put it to. I've always really liked a tune which I wrote as a (failed) pitch to do a TV advert, which I eventually called Hibbett's Superstore and released on the extras album of the same name. I put the two together and what do you know? It worked!

I passed the tune to The Validators, we JAMMED it up in the studio, and that was pretty much that. It didn't make it onto the final album Still Valid but if we ever properly release it I can heartily recommend sticking it on at the end as an extra track, like what we used to do when there was a bit of space at the end of a C90, a sit works really well there!

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