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Songs: Maybe I'm Indecisive

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You think i'm indecisive, but i wouldn't want to say. I think i'm more decisive than i was yesterday. Or maybe that's just hindsight and it's not really true, so we'll say i'm indecisive. If that's all right with you.
You say i'm crass and vulgar, but that's also not true. If i was to make love with you, do you know what i would do? I'd send a bunch of flowers, and the card attached would say "Thank you for the smashing shag, you slag, Wahey!"
You say i end abruptly, and that's fair enough.

Published by Wipe Out Music Publishing

Like many songs at the time I wrote this song somewhere between my house and Mr Simon Wilkinson's flat, which was a ten minute walk with no pens or paper between which is the sort of thing my BRANE likes to utilise for thinking of really good ideas that I can't forget. I'd recently made the decision to write Proper Grown-Up songs, so this one was always doomed to end up on The Lost Tape, but I must say I rather like it!

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