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Songs: My Grandad Is Nuts

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It was my Grandad who wrote the above
Which he submitted as a paper though his colleagues didn't think he should
But he still did because, and I say this with love
Because my Grandad, my Grandad is nuts

He was very briefly famous twenty years ago
He was in all the papers, on the telly and the radio
Saying he'd uncovered evidence that the dinosaurs
Had escaped being killed by a comet because some of them were astronauts

They said "Your Grandad is completely nuts"
"He isn't safe to be alone, put him in a mental home for good"
But he stuck to his story, he refused to budge
Because my Grandad, my Grandad is nuts

Well of course it ended his career
As an archeologist
He was sacked from his post as a professor
He was banned from all the digs
He was excluded by the peer review journals
Never asked to conferences
But they had to book a massive room when he had his leaving do
And the reason for that is this:

Because my Grandad is a lovely man
Though you should keep the conversation off Galactic Emigration if you possibly can
Then he'll be delightful, he'll be a massive laugh
And you'll forget that my Grandad is mad

Because my Grandad is completely nuts
He still believes his theory and says that history will be his judge
He wouldn't change a thing even if he could
Because my Grandad, my Grandad is nuts
Because my Grandad, my Grandad is nuts

Published by Wipe Out Music Publishing

This is the introduction for GRANDAD who, it turns out, is pretty much the hero of Dinosaur Planet. I had GRAND DREAMS of this being the Breakout Hit of the show, but I think the fact that i crammed an entire and very detailed BACK STORY into it has made it possibly a little too NICHE!

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