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Songs: My Theory Of A Dinosaur Planet

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That was my theory
Of A Dinosaur Planet
That there are dinosaur philosophers
In space

But now that they are here I must say that I'm surprised
To find that they are frankly not very nice
I thought that they would bring a wealth of hope and peace and love
But all they've bought is lots and lots of tanks and knives and guns

And if they're all kill-crazed psychopathic fans of war and death
It could mean the end of human life and worse still even yet

That my theory
Of A Dinosaur Planet
Is not entirely correct

Published by Wipe Out Music Publishing

When I first had the idea to make "Dinosaur Planet" into a SHOW I thought "I'd best do LOTS of research into Dinosaurs, the meteorite impact, the process of evolution, space travel and so forth" and went out (well, stayed in) and actually DID some. Thanks, Wikipedia!

However, once I started thinking about how it'd all work and what the songs should be like I soon realised that, actually, it didn't really matter. It's about DINOSAURS FROM SPACE, it's not like there's an international science journal dedicated to the subject. However, the research DID come in handy for THIS song, which is sung by the Grandfather of our lead character - as a younger man he had DESTROYED his reputation as an archeologist with this theory, which he EXPOUNDS as the Dinosaurs rampage towards him. As you can see from the end bit, he is also starting to QUESTION his theory as more FACTS are ascertained i.e. The Dinosaurs that arrive back on earth (SPOILERS) turn out NOT to be super-lizard brainboxes of love.

"Yes yes, but is his theory CORRECT?" you may ask "Even within the confines of the story?" THAT, my friend, is something you will have to see the show to discover! AHA!

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