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Songs: Nobody Believed It

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When the spacecraft crashed on Debden
It caused an increase in time
For journeys on the Central Line
BUt they said that it was Passenger Action
So apart from some fuss
About the rail replacement bus
Everything carried on as normal
Much to the confusion of the spacecraft's crew

When people rang into the radio station
Who'd heard a strange unearthly noise
On the approach to Theydon Bois
The experts told them it was just a bit of thunder
And that the bright lights in the sky
Were merely normal meteorites

And people laughed and said Well that's all all right then
As alien warriors marched into Buckhurst Hill

And as they set up their machines and started processing the populace
The people smiled and said "Bloody students!"
And when the nuclear attacks began to rain down on the West End
Everybody said "Oh look, the Northern Lights!"

Everything's all right
Everything's all right

And as the refugees and wounded walked Northwards
It was the last thing on the news
No-one even emailed their views
And the police who went to marshal fleeing millions
Gave the official crowd size
As between four thousand and five

And people laughed and said "Typical London!"
As the mothership descended and destroyed Derby

And as they started up the Pain Cyclones to wipe out human lifeforms
People coming home from pubs put up umbrellas
And when the Psychic Witches started chanting Mantras of Destruction
People tutted, closed their eyes, switched off the light

Everything's all right
Everything's all right

And almost nobody believed it
And those that did were mad
Wrote angry letters to the papers
Demanding rebates in their Council Tax

Disappointed, disillusioned
With their plans to kill the globe
Too upset to carry on now
So two days later the invasion force went home

Published by Wipe Out Music Publishing

This is a mixture of things. The main idea comes from listening to Radio 5 last night, when people all over the country were reporting bizarre things in the sky - LOADS of people had been ringing in, shocked to see all sorts of weird things, yet every expert who came on just said "Yeah, meteorites", and it made me think that if anything DID ever happen everybody would just completely refuse to believe it.

The rest of it is a) me trying (and probably failing) to do a MODE or whatever it is (i don't think i did, but i tried!) and b) really liking Sci-Fi ISH songs like Lardpony do, and having a bit of a try. ALSO it went a bit David Bowie along the way, but possibly only in my head.

The demo was going to be a LOT more complicated too, but I liked how it sounded with just gtr and tambourine, so stuck with it!

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