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Songs: Normal

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I wish that I was normal
I wish I wasn't weird
I wish I could take all the things
That make me different
And put them in the bin

I'm going to be normal
And find my place in the world
Where I can talk about the weather
And even better
Talk to girls

It's easy to be normal
Just do what people expect
If you never go against the grain
No-one can get upset

We're going to be normal
And support the team that wins
We're never gonna cause a fuss
Because the both of us
Are gonna fit right in

We are going to be normal
And not ourselves
And that way we'll be happy
Just like everybody else

We're so happy being normal
Only doing what's allowed
It's lovely swimming with the tide
When you're part of the crowd

The only thing that's normal
Is that everybody's weird
Everybody's messed up, kept up
Late at night
By their own set of fears
Every one of us is different
Just like everybody else
And the only way to be happy
Is to accept yourself

I'm so happy to be normal
Just like everybody here
We are normal
We are weird

Published by Wipe Out Music Publishing

This is closely based on the song I Wish That I Was Normal that appeared in the show Hey Hey 16K, edited down to fit (astonishingly well, I think) with a track we made up in the studio during a recording session in July 2019.

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