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Songs: Only A Robot

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I'm only a robot
My job is to serve
No need to think about my feelings
All I'm here to do is work

Because Iím only a robot
And I can keep working all day
No need to pay me or to train me
No need for any kind of praise

You go off, have your fun
Just leave me here, to carry on
Donít take me with you, when you go out
Iím only a robot, I donít count

Iím only a robot, just a machine
These emotions, they're just programs, theyíre not real
I donít feel things like you do so please donít treat me like i can
Robots donít need thanks


I'm only a robot
Just a machine
Only a robot
Thatís me

Published by Wipe Out Music Publishing

Tiddy's BIG BALLAD! I have high hopes for this one day becoming a STANDARD, I always loved singing it and there's parts of it that VEER (in my mind at least) towards making Serious Points About The Exploitation Of Other Species.

However, for some reason, about halfway through people would always LARF, as if something was going on behind me during the most emotionally resonant sections. Surely the Mars Men Of Jupiter couldn't be up to something... could they?

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