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Songs: Soup

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I thought "Some Soup"
I'll make some soup
Some soup for you
As you are feeling blue

So I went and chopped
Onions and got
A little stock
And poured it in the pot

A little cinnamon and some chives
Some parsley sage rosemary and thyme
Some carrots peppers and a lime
A half gallon of wine
Three pounds of melon and mango
Fifteen full sacks of potato
An Easter Egg from years ago
And half the contents of Tesco

And pretty soon there was no room
For any soup

So I thought all right, OK
I'll throw the whole old lot away
And start again with some puree
Some garlic, oil and then, hooray
I found some baked beans on the shelf
Some Olive Oil somewhere else
A splash of brandy went down well
And the cooking sherry I drank myself
Some women, wine whisky and gin
Mixed it in with Charlie Chaplin's chin
Then Caesar came, he saw, fell in
With some champagne and aspirin

And pretty soon there was no room
For any soup

So I drove into the jungle and released it
Into the wild
Went back inside
For one more try

With some leak - just a leak - and some oil
And a bag of peat and a tree
And a trolley full of shoes
And baboons with balloons who were looking for their food
And a doo-doo-be-doo but that'll never do

And pretty soon there was no room
For any soup


So I went into the kitchen
And I found a can of soup
Heated it through
Brought it to you
And you said "Oh I like Soup"
I said "I know you do and I like you"
And you said "Do you think it needs some salt?"

Published by Wipe Out Music Publishing

I was asked to create a song to accompany a viral advertisement for a handheld device that allowed swiping, or something, to be illustrated by things getting more and more complicated then "swiped" clear. As ever, when people ask for "quirky" it's not MY sort of "quirky" that they're after.

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