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Songs: (theme from) My Exciting Life In ROCK

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This is My Exciting Life In ROCK
My name is MJ Hibbett, this is Steve/these are The Validators
And I'll tell you what
If you're after tales of rock and roll
I've got quite a lot
That's why it's called "My Exciting Life In ROCK".

This is My Exciting Life In ROCK
We'll start with paying dues and then
Move on to support slots
Do hit singles and comebacks
And then the epilogue
And that'll be My Exciting Life In ROCK

This is my exciting life in ROCK
Feels like we've whipped through the first minute
Of this sixty minute slot
Still, that's the introductions done
So I guess I'd best get on
And tell you all about My Exciting Life In ROCK

Published by Wipe Out Music Publishing

This song was written very quickly and very easily when I realised I should have a quick theme tune to kick off "My Exciting Life In ROCK". The words are a bit flexible, and can change to accomodate solo or Validator versions, but they'll be pretty much like this!

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