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Songs: The Theory Of A Dinosaur Planet

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It's called The Theory
Of A Dinosaur Planet
I'll just give you the abstract
To be going on with

The Cretaceous-Tertiary Extinction event occurred, as far as we know,
Sixty five point five million years ago
But even the interval of error in that estimated date
Is longer than it took us humans to evolve from apes
And if in that time we mammals managed to conquer space
I believe the Dinosaurs could have done the same

That's The Theory Of A Dinosaur Planet
The dinosaurs packed up and got away

They must have had astronomers who saw the meteorite
And they must have hypothesised the planet's dreadful plight
I expect their engineers would have come up with the plan
That said "Let's build a bunch of spaceships and get out while we still can"
And in sixty five million years they will undoubtedly have changed
Into a peaceful, deeply philanthropic kind of race

That's The Theory Of A Dinosaur Planet
There are dinosaur philosophers in space

Published by Wipe Out Music Publishing

During the DEVELOPMENT of Dinosaur Planet i realised that the song My Theory Of A Dinosaur Planet LEAPT ahead of the story too much - we needed to know the theory a good while before it was RECONSIDERED by GRANDAD, so I split it up into two, with this being the first half.

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