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Songs: We Are The Dinosaurs

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We are the Dinosaurs and our ancestors
Were minding their own business when
The robots came and kidnapped them and
Indirectly us
Conscripted Dinosaurs
We knew our day would come
We'd steal a ship and sail away
In search of Pieces of Eight
And a bottle of rum

We worked out a way to fight the Giant Robots was to ignite
A volcano, which they seem to be allergic to
And while they all sniffed and sneezed we set sail on starry seas
For our old home port, which is where we met you

We are the Dinosaurs
And we will confess
It could be argued that we've been
Ever so slightly too keen
On massive violence
But we are Dinosaurs
That's just what we do
But now the Robots have arrived
It looks like we're all gonna die
So how about a truce?

Though in the past we've disagreed
We're gonna make a mighty team
Man and Dinosaur, come together at last
And there's no one left alive
Human, Sauron who'd deny
That we're gonna kick some Giant Robot Ass

Published by Wipe Out Music Publishing

When planning Dinosaur Planet (YES, it WAS planned) I knew I needed to have a song to explain what had REALLY happened to the dinosaurs 65 million years ago and also to explain how they managed to make their way back to earth. I had SEVERAL goes at it with all sorts of slightly complicated/difficultly tuned attempts at CRAMMING loads of information in, none of which ever became particularly memorable.

It was thus a JOYOUS DAY when I realised I didn't NEED to come up with a whole new tune, I could RE-USE Here Come The Dinosaurs and not only need I note APOLOGISE for doing so, I could JUSTIFY it as an ARTISTIC REPRISE! HOORAH for MUSICAL CONVENTIONS!

Once I'd realised this the song itself came THUNDERING out, and I have to admit I'm actually rather PLEASED with the way it tells the backstory, moves things forward AND gets some Pirate Gags in. WELL DONE ME!

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