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Songs: We Can Start Having Fun

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We can start having fun
When all our homework's done
When we've revised
Our mocks and applied
For University

We can start making friends
When this semester ends
There's theses to write
And CVs to type
I'm a team player

We can start to relax
In the next band of tax
We've children to raise
And more bills to pay

I have spent most of my life
Doing what I hoped was right
I've studied and learnt
I've saved, paid and earnt
I've done enough waiting

Let people laugh all that they like
I want a motorbike
Screw caravans
I'm joining a band
Won't you play piano?

So take my hand and come on
Let's bugger off into the sun
Let's spend all our cash
While we still can
We can start having fun

Published by Wipe Out Music Publishing

I wrote this song during the evening of July 16th 2006 and finished it off the following morning. I'd actually intended to have a practice for our Radio One Session the next day, but couldn't be bothered, so was trying, as I had been for WEEKS, to write some words I'd got for this song that's basically a D played up at the seventh fret. I couldn't get going so had a bit of a STRUM, the finger picky bit for this song AROSE, and then the rest of it followed Actually Quite Easily. I'd got as far as the first three verses then had a shower, during which i realised it didn't have to be the VAGUELY SNIPING song it was turning into if i TURNED IT AROUND in the second half, so I did that.

The hardest bit was the last line of each verse... until I realised I could try not bothering to rhyme it with anything, and that seemed to work out quite nicely. My favourite bits are that he's done what he "hoped" was right (it was "thought" for quite a while) and the bit about being able to relax in the next tax bracket, which fills me with GLEE. The last bit to be DONE was the title - INDEED it struck me whilst having a PEE at work (too much detail?) that I could make the first AND last line "We can start having fun", and then THAT would tie things up nicely and make THAT the title. So I did that too, and here it is done.

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