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Songs: Would If I Could

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I would do anything to talk to you tonight
And I would say anything
If I thought it would make things all right

But what do you want me to say? I think I've said enough
Or do you want me to repeat
All of that old romantic stuff?

Well, I'm sorry but I don't do that
If I did then you know that I would
All I say are the things that I think I should

I love you more than anything
Except of course I don't
And we'll be together forever more
And we both know that we won't

Published by Wipe Out Music Publishing

This is a really really old song, first done on my first solo tape, and written about how hopeless i felt in my First Proper Relationship. I used to play this a lot when I started playing on my own as it's quite easy to play but sounds CLEVER. Back then it was meant to be Nirvana-ESQUE with a really loud middle bit, but it worked out much nicer like this.

It was supposed to have piano on it, but it sounded ODDLY like "Dogs and Horses" by Divine Comedy (before it came out), so instead it got VIOLIN. The lovely multi-tracked violins came about because we recorded Tom practicing it without telling him, so got DOUBLE VALUE. Clever huh? It sounded GOOD, so we tried to do it again, but by then he had TWIGGED. I should point out here that Mr Reverb assured me that, should it be placed on the final album, this would be a defitinite "pussy magnet". I have yet to see the proof of this.

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