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Blog: In Other News

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I DREAMT last night that me and The Validators were setting up our tents backstage at Glastonbury, so today Mr Dresden began trying to get us ON there, also at Reading. Well, you never know, do you? I've also sent off CDs to the Great British Beer Festival people (oh, please GODS OF ROCK, allow that gig to happen!), and hope in the near future to be sorting out some gigs in Chelmsford and Newcastle in the New Year. Meanwhile my WOE at not getting tickets to see Half Man Half Biscuit next week (stupidly I waited to see if we'd be able to support them, despite there being no evidence whatsoever that this could possibly happen) has been slightly tempered by the news that the Tea In My Mug has got us tickets to see OTWAY at the 100 club in a couple of weeks. HOORAY! HOORAY for EVERYTHING!

posted 10/10/2003 by MJ Hibbett

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