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MJ Hibbett & The Validators: The Lost Tape

Multimedia Extras: The Lost Tape

After recording The Thoughts Of Chairman Hibbett I wanted to make a MIGHTY CHANGE in my songwriting, and try and write stuff that was more relevant to me myself and a bit less silly. Unfortunately I had LOADS of really daft ideas stuck in my head, so at some point in 1997 between that tape and What's So Bad About Being A Grown-Up I went up into my Attic and recorded 15 songs, mostly made up as I went along, and put them onto a taped labelled "The Perky Tape", because that's what most of them were like.

Several years later, whilst digging around for demo versions to put on the multimedia for Shed Anthems I found this tape and played it to The Sand On My Shoreline, who thought some of them were quite jolly. I sent a copy to Mr Frankie Machine to see what he thought and, though he generally agreed, he suggested that perhaps a few of them were a bit TOO "perky" for general consumption and maybe I could burn them, or at least bury them deep underground.

Thus I took out a third of the songs and retitled them as "The Lost Tape" because, really, it had been, and stuck it onto the multimedia. I still think some of them are quite good...

You can get it online here:

Elmer, The Happy Little Bottle Opener
Funky Machine
Hanging Around
Love Of My Arms
Rinky Dinky
Maybe I'm Indecisive
Clean Girl
Baker's Dozen
Not Everything
Clare Grogan
Why Hasn't Your Email Come In?
City Centres (demo)
Programming Is A Poetry For Our Time (demo)
Billy Jones Is Dead (uk-indie tape version)
The Fair Play Trophy (again) (1998)
The Fair Play Trophy (again) (2002)
The Fair Play Trophy (again) (live at the BBC)
The Fair Play Trophy (again) (2004)

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